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Who is a coach?

“A coach is committed to helping you be the best you can be. A coach will challenge you and will not give up. The coach has knowledge and experience because he was already there. He is no better than the people he trains. In fact, the people he coaches may have natural abilities that exceed his own abilities. Because the trainer has concentrated his power in a certain field for years, he can teach you several diagnoses, which can radically change your performance in a relatively short time.”

Tony Robbins

My System

My specialty is family-owned businesses in the food industry.

Family owned companies’ deal with issues rarely discussed in business schools.

These include the impact of family dynamics on succession, bringing children into the business, intergenerational conflict, and contention between siblings and spouses.

I also look at the effects of death and divorce on families; how this can impact the business, and the distribution of assets following death or divorce.

Over the past few years, I have invested over 1000 hours investigating the field of coaching, especially in the area of family business.

I have worked with more than 100 companies and people in 55 different industries and professions.

I specialize in producing measurable results, and have learned how to quickly discover key points for getting momentum and change to streamline the functioning of the company and the family.

After helping companies realize this, together we move forward as one unit to maximize and break new boundaries.

With my unique “Baking The Difference” system, I help them use family power to navigate situations and accelerate their business growth.

And they can do this while still maintaining a great connection.

Typically, my clients are family-owned businesses in the food industry generating over $4M USD a year.

They usually seek to solve an ongoing problem within the company, or want to be empowered to move to new challenges.

The added layer of complexity that comes from being a family business presents a huge challenge beyond what usually has to deal with.

Two systems may often be on a collision course – this harms management and makes it difficult to transfer it to the next generation.

As the most trusted coach in family-owned businesses in the food industry, in just 12 weeks I can enable companies to make more money.

They learn how to make the best use of their resources by improving communication.

They are able to create understanding, acceptance, and cooperation.

And they learn how to manage conflicts more effectively, creating effective ways to solve them in a peaceful manner.

I also facilitate strategic planning for the family and the business, so they can clarify and implement their needs, vision and values.

Yossi Zohar

My unique “Baking The Difference System”

The Way We Bake

What Are The Ingredients We Have And How We Use Them/ Appreciating Diversity, Baker’s Toolbox, Physical Results, Our Different Approaches And The Way They Affect Company Management.

TThe Bakery Team

The Five Principles For A Winning Team / Teambuilding, Talent Inventory, Appreciation, Excellence, Integrity, Service, Being an Actor.

Be A Master Chef

The Ultimate Way To Become The No. 1 Family/ Business / Creating Shared Vision And Values, Building A Success Plan And Implement It.

PR Your Bakery

Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, marketing, and positioning.

The Business Rising

Creativity, Changing Processes, Breaking Your Glass Ceiling, Managing Priorities, Creating And Implementation Of New Business And Family Habits.